Appointment Preparation

Preparing Your Patient for Home Based Telehealth

In many ways, a virtual care appointment is similar to seeing a patient in person, but there are a few differences that need to be considered when the patient is joining the appointment from their home.

It is important there is an initial conversation with the patient to confirm virtual care is appropriate, consent requirements are discussed,  and that the patient is a suitable candidate for the service. It should also be confirmed that the patient:

  • has access to an appropriate device (i.e. desktop computer, tablet or smartphone);
  • has an Internet/Wi-Fi connection;

    Patients are required to test the compatibility of their internet connection with the device they plan to use (i.e. cell phone, computer, or tablet, etc.) before scheduling the appointment to ensure compatibility with the Telehealth software. Please provide your patient with this link:

    Device Check

  • is aware of supported internet browsers, including Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Google Chrome, and Safari (please note that Internet Explorer is not supported);
  • has a suitable private location in which to attend the appointment;
  • understands the process and what to expect during the session;
  • knows to expect an email, as all appointment details will be communicated through this avenue.

If you do not think a patient or their condition is suitable for a virtual care appointment, arrangements should be made for an in-person appointment to ensure the necessary health care is provided.

Steps to Hosting a Virtual Care Appointment

Here are some helpful tips for hosting a virtual care appointment:

  1. Confirm the names of all parties joining the video call. Introduce yourself and any other persons invited to participate in, or observe, the appointment.
  2. Confirm the identity of the patient.
  3. Confirm the identity of anyone else who is in the room with the patient or who has otherwise joined the appointment call.
  4. Ensure the patient understands the consent terms for the appointment. When you host a virtual care session, you are required to document on the health record that the patient has consented to the service. Please refer to your regulatory body for additional requirements regarding consent.
    Appendix: Telehealth Guide to Discuss Consent Items
    Videoconferencing Consultation: When is it the right choice?
  5. Proceed with the appointment.
  6. Complete the Telehealth Program survey to help NLCHI evaluate this service.
    Telehealth Program Survey