I’m a Patient

Virtual care is in many ways just like a regular appointment, but it uses a phone call or videoconferencing to connect a patient to their doctor or health care provider. It allows you to use your own technology to have a virtual visit and see, hear, and talk with your health care provider in the comfort of your own home.

Virtual care means that patients don’t have to leave their house and go to busy waiting rooms and clinics, ensuring social distancing and continued access to health care services during COVID-19. Appointments that require in-person care will be handled as needed.

To get started, you will have a conversation with your health care provider to discuss if virtual care is an option for you, either at the time of booking or via a follow-up phone call. When your virtual care appointment is confirmed, you will receive an email invitation that contains instructions and links that will allow you to take part in your virtual care appointment.

There is no charge for a virtual appointment, as long as you have a valid Newfoundland and Labrador MCP card. You will also require:

  • a personal email address;
  • access to a device such as a personal computer, tablet, or mobile phone that has a camera and speaker;
  • a secure Internet or Wi-Fi connection.

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