Privacy Policy

The Newfoundland and Labrador Centre for Health Information (NLCHI) provides quality information to health professionals, the public, researchers, and health system decision-makers. NLCHI’s mandate also includes the development and implementation of a confidential and secure provincial Electronic Health Record (EHR) and the support for virtual care in the province. Through collaboration with the health system, NLCHI supports the development of data and technical standards, maintains key health databases, and generates information through analytics and evaluation to support evidence-based decision making.

Our Commitment

NLCHI maintains this website to help you obtain information about virtual care resources. Virtual care allows you to connect with your health care provider, while you are in a different location. A virtual care appointment is very similar to a face-to-face appointment. You can see, hear, and talk to your health care provider.

NLCHI, in compliance with the Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act, 2015 (ATIPP) and the Personal Health Information Act (PHIA), is committed to protecting the privacy of individuals who visit this website or use our services.

The provincial virtual care program is a service that is supported by NLCHI. Your virtual care appointment information is accessible to authorized health care providers, as well as those who require access to virtual care. This may include staff that are scheduling appointments or Information Technology staff when necessary to troubleshoot technical issues. These uses of your information are permitted through the Personal Health Information Act (PHIA).

Collection, Use, and Disclosure of Personal Health Information for Virtual Care

When using and scheduling virtual care, you may be asked to provide personal information or personal health information including:

  • Name
  • MCP
  • Email address

This information will be used to schedule appointments and to contact you if necessary. Any other use of this information will comply with the ATIPP Act and the PHIA.


Questions, concerns, or complaints relating to the virtual care website privacy policy on the treatment of your personal information should be directed to

If your complaint is not resolved to your satisfaction, the ATIPP Act and the PHIA provide a mechanism for independent review by contacting the office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner:


NLCHI has made every reasonable effort to ensure the security of the virtual care technology, however, NLCHI is not responsible for ensuring that a patient or provider’s personal computer, mobile device, home internet, or Wi-Fi connection is secure.