Frequently Asked Questions

What is virtual care?

  • Virtual care is any interaction between a patient and their health care provider(s) that uses technology to help them attend appointments and consultations from a distance.
  • The purpose of virtual care is to make appointments easier to attend and to ensure patients are getting the care they need.
  • Virtual care may be offered by phone or video.

How does a virtual care appointment work?

  • A virtual care appointment is in many ways like a regular appointment, but it uses a phone call or videoconferencing to connect a patient to their doctor or health care provider.

What are the benefits of virtual care?

  • Allows you to use technology provided in a healthcare facility in or near your local community to meet with your healthcare provider or use your own technology to have a virtual visit and see, hear, and talk with your healthcare provider in the comfort of your own home.
  • Helps you avoid busy waiting rooms and clinics.
  • Promotes access to healthcare services from a distance when in-person appointments are not possible.

How to get started:

  • Have a conversation with your health care provider to discuss if virtual care is an option for you.
  • Once a virtual care appointment is confirmed, you will receive an email, letter or phone call that contains instructions and/or links that will allow you to take part in your virtual care appointment.
  • If virtual care is not an option, an in-person appointment can be arranged.